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free walking tour cartagena

If you prefer a private tour of the old city and the Gethsemane neighborhood this is your best option. Please make your reservation 24 hours in advance and tell us where to pick it up. Confirmation subject to availability. The price offered is per couple.

Known sites during the tour:

° Clock Tower

° Peace Square

° Statue of Pedro de Heredia

° The Cars Square

° The Sweets Square

° Gold Museum (does not include the entrance)

° Statue Of Pope John Paul II

Simon Bolivar Park

Palace of The Inquisition

° Santo Domingo Square

° Church of Santo Domingo

° Santa Teresa Square

° Naval Museum (does not include the entrance)

° Cathedral Basilic of Alexandria

° Cathedral of Saint Peter Claver

° Customs Square

And more ....

! Make your reservation !

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